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Accounts “missing” from your credit report


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Credit Advice

Accounts “missing” from your credit report

Dear Experian,

How do you dispute a missing account? I have an account in good standing that is reported by the other credit reporting companies, but not by Experian. I tried to dispute it online, but could not find a link for "missing accounts."


Dear YWE,

While Experian would very much like every lender to report its accounts, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) does not require businesses to report to all three national credit reporting companies. Instead, businesses can report to one, two or all three of them, or not report your accounts at all.

Some people have the misperception that the national credit reporting companies go to every lender and collect their account information. In fact, businesses decide where they will provide their account information, or if they will provide any information at all.

In order for a business to report your accounts, it must choose to become an Experian subscriber. That means it must meet the FCRA’s legal reporting standards and Experian’s membership requirements. When it does so, your account will be added to your Experian report.

If a business chooses not to subscribe to Experian’s services, Experian has no way to contact it regarding the account.

In rare instances, a technical issue may prevent an account from being shown on your credit report, even if the lender is providing the information to Experian.

In some instances, the account is temporarily not shown, for instance when two companies are merging. The account may be removed from the credit report at the request of the business until it completes consolidation of its records. That helps ensure the account information is consolidated correctly so that the information is not shown incorrectly on your credit report.

In those instances, the account information will be restored automatically.

Most of the time, however, an account is “missing” because the business has chosen not to report your account to Experian. Because there is no business relationship between Experian and the business, Experian has no ability to add the account.

Thanks for asking.

- The "Ask Experian" team

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