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Experian shares fraud alerts, deleted fraud accounts with other bureaus


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Credit Advice

Experian shares fraud alerts, deleted fraud accounts with other bureaus

Dear Experian,

I recently had fraudulent information removed from my credit report by one of the other national credit reporting companies. Will the results be honored by all three credit bureaus?


Dear MIG,

The three national credit reporting companies share information about the addition of fraud alerts and disputes of accounts reported as the result of fraud.

Experian will be notified by the other company that it removed information as a result of fraud. If you provided that company with a police report or other valid identity theft documentation and added a fraud alert, Experian also will remove the information and add an alert to your credit history.

If you requested an initial security alert, which lasts 90 days, from another national credit reporting company, Experian also will add the alert, remove your name from preapproved offer mailing lists for six months and send you notification that you can request a free Experian credit report.

If you add an extended fraud victim alert, your name will be removed from preapproved offer mailing lists for five years and you will receive a notice that you can request two free copies of your Experian credit report within 12 months of the date the alert was added.

If you did not add an alert but disputed information as fraudulent, Experian will be informed of the dispute. You will then receive notice from Experian asking if you want to dispute the information with it as well.

To be on the safe side you might want to get copies of your credit reports from each of the national credit reporting companies after you have allowed time for the updates to have been made.

Because fraud is involved, you can get them free. You then can verify that a fraud alert has been added and that the fraudulent information has been removed. If it has not, you can follow the dispute instructions provided with the reports to have the information removed from each of them.

Thanks for asking.

- The "Ask Experian" team

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