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Better price transparency, better patient experience

According to a recent Experian Health study, 4 in 10 patients said they had spent more on healthcare than they could afford. While there are measures in place to help avoid this, such as the Price Transparency Final Rule and the No Surprises Act, which require each self-pay or uninsured patient to receive a good-faith estimate before services are performed, patients still receive inaccurate estimates.

When patients know the expected cost of their care ahead of time, they feel more empowered and make better decisions—helping you get paid faster and stay in compliance.

Contact us today to learn how automating and standardizing your price transparency practices will help you:

  • Increase revenue at the point of service
  • Create a positive patient experience
  • Meet regulatory requirements

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Create more accurate estimates

Account for payment plans, prompt-pay discounts, state-mandated discounts, and other financial assistance policies. 

Eliminate manual tasks

Automate updates to your price lists and provide real-time patient price estimates.

Improve patient satisfaction

Provide accurate estimates and easy-to-understand cost breakdowns to avoid surprise billing. 

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Blessing Health System: 58% increase in point-of-service patient collections

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