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Patient Estimates

Support price transparency efforts and empower patients with price estimates for services 

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User-friendly, web-based pricing transparency tool for hospitals, medical facilities and physicians that creates automated estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service. We combine data from the provider’s chargemaster, claims history, payer contract terms and the patient’s insurance benefits.

Set payment expectations

Show your patients an estimate of their out-of-pocket liability for services and increase patient satisfaction. 

Eliminate manual work

No need to manually update pricing lists. Integrate with your hospital information or practice management system and billing history.

Increase patient payments

Patients feel empowered to manage their financial responsibilities with clear, easy-to-understand summaries and can even start payment plans.

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Our patient estimate solution allows you to:

  • Add account disposition notes to create an audit trail
  • Find common procedures listed by category
  • Display multi–component procedures
  • Integrate with your hospital information or practice management system and billing history
  • Print estimates in multiple languages
  • Create custom scripts for associates to read to patients
  • Add modifiers, place of service, and type of service