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Partnership Between AutoCheck and Kelley Blue Book

AutoCheck is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Kelley Blue Book to provide vehicle history reports for our dealer subscribers. This new relationship allows Kelley Blue Book subscribing dealers to append AutoCheck vehicle history reports (VHRs) to their inventory within kbb.com’s classified listing section.

This is an added benefit to you because it gives you the opportunity to list your inventory and include vehicle history on one of the most visited automotive websites among new and used vehicle researchers.¹

Kelly Blue Book

What does this mean for current subscribers of AutoCheck and Kelley Blue Book?

Experian Automotive will provide AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports on kbb.com for all dealers who currently have the AutoCheck Fast Link feature enabled.

  • Every VIN you have run in the last 90 days will appear on kbb.com for free with no additional action needed by you
  • For every VIN you have NOT run in the last 90 days, the listing will display a link for the consumer to purchase an AutoCheck vehicle history report.  Those listings can appear for free if you elect the new AutoCheck Auto Reports option that is available to you.  If you do not elect the new AutoCheck Auto Reports option, reports will be available for purchase through the AutoCheck consumer portal


What are Auto Reports?

By signing up with Auto Reports, all of your vehicles will display a free VHR on KBB.com, even those VINs that you may not have previously run.  The benefit is that you don’t need to run each VIN individually – by implementing AutoCheck Auto Reports, the vehicle history will always be available on your inventory to prospective buyers on kbb.com.

To sign up for Fast Link and Auto Reports, send an email to: kbbdealer@experian.com.

To be contacted by someone on the AutoCheck sales team, please complete the form below.

¹ Keynote Competitive Research, Feb 2011

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