Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

August 4, 2011 by manu.bhardwaj

A business’s success in Direct Mail Marketing depends on the type of the business and how diligently it is done. There are certain businesses that are a great fit, especially the ones that require building a local presence or presence in defined geographies. However, there are certain businesses that are not such a good fit. For example, businesses that rely primarily on internet users and have products and services that can be consumed only in the online context.

Never the less, Direct Mail Marketing offers certain advantages that set it apart from other marketing channels –

1. Directly targeting your customers

A good quality mailing list, crafted with the right selections and purchased from a reliable and reputed source that updates their data frequently, can help you connect with people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Whereas if you focus on internet traffic only you are likely to get generic visitors who may or may not be interested in buying from you. A mailing list can help you targets women, seniors, other businesses etc. There are a number of Demographic and Behavioral variables available to select the right audience for your business.

2. Flexible spending

Direct Mail Marketing Ad campaigns give you the opportunity to spend as per your budgets. Sending postcards, letters or brochures is a cost effective solution to get your message in the hands of your customer. You can also choose to have your offer included in coupon books that have a large reach and the cost is split with other businesses.

3. Reach more customers

For most small businesses, a number of their potential customers are not computer and internet savvy. Direct Mail Marketing helps reach that segment which is not likely to find your business or learn about your products on the internet. And even if most customers were using the internet, just by building a website you cannot make sure that they will frequently visit the site and purchase from it. Direct mail will end up in the hands of the people that you select and the communication will be tailored for them.

4. Promotions and deals increase sales

Sending promotional offers and coupons that are tied with holidays or major events for your customers (for example their birthday or anniversary) can be an effective way to realize sales growth. And doing that on a regular basis with controlled pricing segmentation can even impact the life time value from those customers.

In summary, Direct Mail Marketing can offer many advantages that other marketing channels don’t, as long as the campaigns are designed and executed well.

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