Bootstrap your marketing: Use mobile marketing to your advantage

If you’re regularly sending emails to your customers, then you might already know the value of email campaigns. With a low capital outlay required and a high potential for return on investment, email is one of the lowest-cost marketing mediums you can employ.

There are, however, special considerations for email marketers hoping to capture the attention of users viewing their emails on mobile devices. If you don’t how many of your recipients are viewing emails in this way, then you could be missing out on sales from a critical segment of the population.

By following the simple tips below, you’ll engage mobile users and convert them into buyers — thus broadening your customer base beyond the traditional email inbox.

  1. Offer both HTML and text versions of your emails. This is the simplest way to ensure that all users are able to view your messages.
  2. Survey recipients from time to time to determine their preferences for either HTML or text emails.
  3. Restate your offer or subject line within the body of the email, preferably as the first line of the message, right before “If you can’t view this message, click here.” Users will be more likely to read and act on your message if they can instantly understand your offer. Side note: Make sure your subject line is concise and that it clearly conveys your offer.
  4. Track responses. Measure which recipients are opening your messages on mobile devices, and segment them into a special group if they represent a significant portion of your audience.
  5. Incorporate social media. Customers who use smartphones likely access Facebook and Twitter and would be interested in following you on these social mediums. Include your social media URLs or icons on every email so that you’ll build a social media fan base.

With consumers increasingly using their smartphones to access information, mobile marketing must be a key element of your email marketing campaigns. The good news is, it doesn’t take much to incorporate it into your business strategy and begin reaping the rewards.