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  • Improve Search Engine Position
  • Optimize Conversions
  • Become 508 Compliant

Website Optimization Services

Today's Websites are more sophisticated than ever - and visitors expect a streamlined, user-friendly experience when they browse or make purchases online. Even minor glitches in your site will send them clicking away, resulting in lost sales, a weakened brand image and an overall poor impression of your business. Whether you have a well-established online presence or a brand-new Website preparing for launch, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to:

  • Improve SEO performance
  • Enhance usability and functionality
  • Convert browsers into buyers and boost sales
  • Ensure browser compatibility
  • Advance your search engine rankings

Our experts will personally review your site and create a customized report with practical advice on how to improve your site's performace and increase its conversion rates.

Website Optimization Report – $149

You want your website to rank high in search engines. You want it to make you money. Have you ever wondered if your site was performing up to par? The basic package will address fundamental SEO issues, page errors, compatibility issues with various browsers, issues found with spelling, and a web standards and usability review. You’ll get a report that tells you, the business owner, what issues exist, how important the errors are and how to prioritize their fixes. The report also includes a detailed report that a technical resource can use to act on them.

As a bonus, the Basic package also includes a Google sitemap file you can upload to your site to let Google know about all your content.

What is a Google Sitemap?

When Google indexes your site, one of the things it looks for is a file called sitemap.xml. That file can tell Google about the pages on the site and how you weight them in terms of important. With a Google Sitemap, you ensure that Google can see all your pages and that you have some say in how they are organized.

Compliance Report – $99

The compliance report includes a review of Web Content Access Guidelines and Section 508 compliance and way to fix the issues. What is Section 508 compliance and why does it matter to you?

For electronic and information technology purchased by Federal Agencies, and some states, it is a requirement that the information be accessible by limited access devices. If your company serves the federal or state government, this is a must.

Section 508 compliance isn’t just for the Federal Government though. Being Section 508 compliant also means that your website functions well in desktop and mobile browsers, it means the content is structured well for readability and search.

Experian’s compliance report will tell you how to achieve two goals at once – become Section 508 compliant and have the website serve more users on the devices they use.