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The arrival of a child is a major life event that can create a huge marketing opportunity for a broad range of products and services. With Experian’s New Parents DatabaseSM, selections such as income and first birth make it easy for you to identify the right households for your offer. Expectant parents are prime candidates not only for a full scope of baby products, but also for daycare, home entertainment, photography, recreation and catalog offers — virtually any product that offers the family a better way of living.

  • Almost one out of every two births today is a first birth
  • Most first-birth families are also two-career families with greater disposable incomes
  • The New Parents Prenatal list contains information on those expecting a birth within the next seven months (past the first trimester — where the incidence of miscarriage is reduced)
  • We collect 1.2 million prenatal records annually from approximately 50 principal sources, many with national retail outlets and Internet sites that amount to approximately 2,500 total contributors to the New Parents Database
Exceptional Accuracy

To ensure the deliverability of our new parent data, we employ rigorous quality control measures, including random telephone verification and First-Class™ test mailings.

With our New Parents list, you can target parents-to-be easily, reliably and cost-effectively. 

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