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Business Credit AdvantageSM

Get Unlimited Access to an Individual Company's Business Credit Report

Avoid taking on bad credit risk as customers, vendors or partners with this affordable subscription plan. Experian® helps you decide whether to do business with another company.

Experian can help you:
  • Check and monitor the credit of a potential customer, partner or vendor
  • Determine if you can make a business credit decision concerning a new customer or if further investigation is needed
  • Avoid potential customers with late payments or delinquencies
  • Confidently offer first-time customers an appropriate line of credit
  • Choose reliable suppliers and partners
  • Find out if a company is under financial stress
  • Spot problems with current suppliers and partners that could affect your business
  • Run a business credit check on your competitors
  • Avoid surprises from current customers when you review them for credit increases
Experian offers:
  • Unlimited online access to the credit score and credit report of a company you select
  • Email alerts of significant changes and inquiries about the business
  • Continuous monitoring of the business' credit report
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