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Advanced Address Corrections for Your Contact Data

Advanced Address Corrections gives you the ability to obtain even more quality out of your contact data by utilizing Experian's® proprietary and extensive database, all via our online batch processing. Experian® has partnered with Intelligent Search Technology to offer this one of a kind service.

Benefits of Advanced Address Corrections
  • CASS CertifiedTM address verification run on every record in your input file
  • Apartment Append services run against all address records
  • The ability to combine the Advanced Address Corrections process with either of our other advanced address data services, NCOALink® and Prison/Deceased Suppression Flags
  • In addition to getting back the records you provided cleaned and updated you will also receive Return Code, Move Type, Move Date, Address Error, Delivery Point Barcodes, Carrier Routes, Mail Score and more.
Advanced Address Corrections Will
  • Append, update or correct ZIP+4
  • Correct spelling errors and add missing address elements
  • Append or correct missing and incorrect apartment information
  • Format addresses to USPS® standards
  • Produce a CASSTM certification report
How Does Advanced Address Correction Work?

When your file is uploaded it will be run through our standard CASS CertifiedTM address verification service. Additionally, your file will be processed against Experian’s® comprehensive database, including apartment append services, to match names to addresses. To learn more about this service see the examples below:


Input: Standard CASS onlly Processing Advanced Address Correction
125 Sunner St
Boston, MA 02110
125 Sunner St
Boston, MA (no match)
125 Summer St
Boston, MA 02110-1633

Input: Standard CASS only Processing Advanced Address Correction
Mark Franks
Needham, MA 92492
Mark Franks
125 Glenn Oak Ave
Needham, MA 0242 (no match)
Mark Franks
125 Glennuck Ave
Needham, MA 02492-1802

Input: Standard CASS only Processing Advanced Address Correction
Dan Armao
200 Greendale St.
Newton, MA 02495
Dan Arnao
200 Greendale St.
Newton, MA 02495 (45 multiple matchs)
Dan Arnao
200 W. Greendale St Apt 2
Newton, MA 02495-3043
  • Minimum of 100 records (not including header row)
  • Accepts .txt or .csv file formats (delimited or fixed width)
  • Processing only available for USA address data
  • Input files must include valid name and address information in order to match against the suppression services.
  • Files will generally process within a day but could take up to 48 hours. Once completed, you will receive an email instructing you to log in to your account and retrieve your output. Output files must be retrieved within 5 days of receiving this email before being removed from our servers.

NCOALink® processing is provided by a non-exclusive licensee of the USPS®. The following trademarks are owned by the USPS®: NCOA Link®, CASS, CASS CertifiedTM