Choose your path to Utopia!

Posted on Jun 30 2015 by

Experian Marketing Services experts, industry analysts and our fabulous clients are presenting on subjects that span all aspects of the customer’s journey.

Introducing the #SuiteLife Awards recognizing exceptional customer experiences

Posted on Jun 29 2015 by

The inaugural #SuiteLife Awards are intended to recognize those who create exceptional customer experiences while delivering outstanding business results.

Convince your manager to prioritize a single customer view

Posted on Jun 26 2015 by

To prioritize a single customer view, start by reviewing your current strategy. Use this worksheet to build a business case and share it with your team!

Data linkage named top cross-channel marketing challenge

Posted on Jun 24 2015 by

The 2015 Digital Marketer Report explores top cross-channel marketing challenges and how marketers can overcome them to reach success.

Email reactivation series … we want you back!

Posted on Jun 23 2015 by

Win back inactive subscribers with a strategic reactivation series. A recent study shows that sending a second mailing can boost opens, clicks and revenue by over 50 percent.

Three steps for becoming a better brand storyteller [VIDEO]

Posted on Jun 18 2015 by

Learn how marketers can be better brand storytellers and create meaningful and personalized connections consumers demand.

Fourth of July insights that’ll make you say “oooh, ahh!”

Posted on Jun 15 2015 by

Search and email trends from our most recent Holiday Hot Sheet. Check out these Fourth of July insights to help you reach your fellow Americans!

Four strategies to make the holiday season shine brighter [infographic]

Posted on Jun 12 2015 by

A holiday planning infographic with actionable insights for marketers including: mobile shopping, deal-seeking and more.

Blazing new trails in measurement science

Posted on Jun 11 2015 by

Initiatives from Experian Marketing Services ensure high quality measurement science drives deeper, actionable consumer understanding.

No more words: The rise of animated GIFs

Posted on Jun 04 2015 by

Facebook just announced they will support animated GIFs creating major opportunities for marketers.