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Rod Griffin is Director of Public Education for Experian. He leads Experian’s national consumer education programs, oversees the company’s financial literacy grant program, which awarded more than $850,000 in Fiscal 2015, and works with consumer advocates, financial educators, media and others to help consumers increase their ability to understand and manage personal finances and protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. The Institute for Financial Literacy named Rod “Educator of the Year” in April 2016.

Articles by Rod Griffin

How Long Does It Take To Build Credit

August 9, 2016

Dear Experian, How long does it take to build credit? – ALM Dear  ALM, Building a positive credit history takes time. There is no quick fix and no way...

Impact of Authorized User vs. Joint Account

September 21, 2014

Dear Experian, I added my roommate onto my credit card and lost my job. I had difficulty paying it off and it was closed. Now, her credit has been affected....

Bankruptcy May Prevent Qualifying for a Credit Card

August 7, 2014

Dear Experian, How can I get a credit card after a bankruptcy so I can rebuild my credit? - MBD

Will Voluntary Repossession Affect Your Credit

August 7, 2014

Dear Experian, I bought a car about 2 years ago at a “buy-here-pay-here” lot. I have never missed a payment and have been a good customer. Since buying the car...

Charged off Student Loans Still on Credit Report

July 17, 2014

Dear Experian, I have three student loans from about 12 years ago that where charged off. I paid them off in full two years ago, yet they are still reporting...

Debt Consolidation Can Help or Hurt Your Credit

July 17, 2014

Dear Experian, Does debt consolidation for credit cards with high interest rates help your credit? - SRO

Obtaining a Free Credit Report after Being Declined or Adverse Action is Taken

July 17, 2014

Dear Experian, I was approved for a credit card in October 2013. I have never exceeded the limit and have made all payments on time. I just received a notice...

Reducing Your Credit Limit Could Hurt Your Credit Score

July 2, 2014

Dear Experian, I have one credit card with a zero balance and a $10,000 limit. Will my credit score be hurt if I reduce my limit to $5,000? - CGC

No Credit History Despite Having Several Open Accounts

July 2, 2014

Dear Experian, I recently tried to apply for a car loan. They told me I was denied because they could not find any of my credit history information. I have...

Getting List of Creditors and Debts from Credit Report

March 28, 2014

Dear Experian, How do I find out what I really owe and if any creditor will settle for less if I can pay off the balance? Can I get a...

Balance-to-Limit Ratio vs. Debt-to-Income Ratio

March 28, 2014

Dear Experian, What is the appropriate balance-to-limit or debt-to-income ratio? I do not maintain a balance on my credit cards but worry that I have credit limits that are too...

When Collections Accounts are Removed from Credit Report

March 13, 2014

Dear Experian, If you have a derogatory record on your credit report from a collection agency and you pay off the debt in full, will the debt be taken off...