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Steadying the shaky ground of digital video measurement

Ad measurement is at an inflection point. The days of siloed insights from individual digital video channels are gone. And many of the third-party identifiers are on their way out. Marketers, like you, are taking the reins when it comes to measurement. No longer leaving it to platforms and agencies to stitch together results. New solutions aim to facilitate cross-screen, cross-platform measurement by overcoming long-standing challenges of data quality, compatibility, and accessibility. 

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Metrics that matter

Digital video ads are catching the attention of consumers and brands. And why not? They offer an engaging way for brands to tell, and show, their customers what matters to them. But without post-action analytics that show how you can improve future campaigns, it’s hard to justify the big budgets that power your campaigns.

You need campaign measurement tools that help you run more effective campaigns and, as a result, drive growth. We can help. Experian marketing solutions deliver analytics in an intuitive, easily digestible way, helping you maximize ROI by linking sales to your distinct marketing campaigns and across the digital ecosystem.

Experian’s platform neutrality and deep media partner relationships—combined with our unique ability to match online traffic to offline purchases—allows us to provide powerful, closed-loop campaign analytics that you can leverage to take your marketing performance to the next level.

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ad attribution and measurement

How we help you win at the measurement game

  • Connect digital and offline campaigns to conversion
  • Identify your best performing audience segments
  • Highlight what offers are most effective

ad attribution and measurement

The insights you need, the partner you trust

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