Stories from the Trenches: Data Breach Resolution

Published: July 29, 2014 by Michael Bruemmer

Recently, I was able to share some data breach resolution insights on Experian’s Credit & Finance Talk on iHeart radio. During our chat, I gave some detail about the trends we’re currently tracking in the world of data breaches, and how this is affecting businesses and consumers:

  • Businesses must develop a pre-breach plan, as breaches continue to increase in frequency and expense
  • Many breaches result from non-malicious employee error, despite widespread beliefs to the contrary
  • As the e-business landscape continues to boom, a proliferation of consumer data is increasingly available to hackers who are progressively dedicated
  • Consumers must be even more vigilant in safeguarding their private information—specifically their Social Security Number and insurance information—providing only when absolutely crucial
  • Tax fraud is an aggressively escalating area of data breach impact, with increasing resolution expense

    Chatting with the iHeart radio team was a great opportunity to talk more freely about the evolution of data breach impact in both the groups that must survive its life cycle-on the personal consumer side as well as within the business space. Sharing how the resolution side is also changing helps set a baseline for victims of data breaches on how we can assist them, with both pre-breach and post-breach needs.

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