The role of the right partners in data breach recovery: the IAPP talk you won’t want to miss

Published: September 16, 2014 by ofonseca

While many American companies have done a noteworthy job of improving their data breach preparedness in the past few years, it seems new breaches occur every month to remind us there’s still plenty of room for improvement. And many state governments are responding by upgrading their post-breach recovery requirements to mandate faster notification timing, and free identity theft protection or credit monitoring products to affected parties. Preparedness may seem like a simple enough task, but the complex nature of even the smallest data breaches means successful data breach prevention, detection and recovery require a multi-pronged approach.

At the upcoming IAPP Privacy Academy and CSA Congress 2014 to be held Sept. 17-19 in San Jose, California, I along with my colleague Tony Hadley, senior vice president of Experian Government & Regulatory Affairs and trusted colleague David Chamberlin, executive vice president at Edelman public relations, will share some of the key decisions companies face in managing data breach preparedness, and why going the extra mile is good for your company’s bottom line. The challenges go far beyond regulatory compliance, and include the need to effectively evaluate business partners who will be integral to a company’s data breach defense and recovery plan.

These partners typically include:

  • Legal experts who can facilitate communication with regulatory agencies following a breach, and offer guidance on regulatory obligations.
  • Forensics partners who are adept at translating highly technical investigations into information that organizational decision-makers will be able to easily understand and use.
  • Data breach resolution providers who can support the breached organization from preliminary notification all the way through to fraud resolution for affected customers.
  • Public relations professionals who understand the data breach process, can facilitate crisis communication, and help mitigate reputational trauma.

Having the right partners in place before an event can go a long way toward minimizing data breach-related damage, and ensure a faster recovery for both the breached organization and its affected customers. Our presentation will provide attendees with insight into how to evaluate these partners, what to look for, and what questions to ask as you’re assembling your partnership team.

If you’re not able to attend the conference, our talk will be available for viewing on a live feed at: http://bit.ly/ExperianPanel.