3 Steps To Ease Your Cyber Security Spring Cleaning Efforts

May 28, 2014 by ofonseca

No matter how diligent your organization is about cyber security, it never hurts to take a second – or even third and fourth – look at what you’re doing to secure vital data and systems. With so many of us in a spring cleaning mindset at this time of year, now is a good time to review your cyber security measures.

Of course, larger companies entrust their IT teams to take care of hardware and software, firewalls and networks. If you are a smaller company without a dedicated IT team, it’s even more vital to conduct regular cyber security checkups. Invest in a consultant as part of your spring cleaning efforts to help ensure your systems are protected from malicious attack.

Your cyber security spring cleaning should also include a review of protocols, from security standards for employees practicing BYOD to policies for traveling with company devices that contain proprietary data.

IT Security Spring Cleaning in 3 Steps:

1)     Understand the current environment

Examine the protocols themselves to see if they adequately address your company’s current status. Has your company grown since establishing protocols? Added employees? Expanded into new markets? Your standards may need updating to keep pace with changes.

2)     Review employee knowledge levels.

Is everyone appropriately trained in how to handle and protect critical data? New employees may need formal education in company expectations, and longer-term workers may need a refresher – especially if you’ve found your protocols need updating, too.

3) Review and examine your response plan

Just as threats to your data are constantly evolving, so must your response plan adapt to meet emerging challenges. When was the last time your organization updated and practiced yours? If your data breach response plan hasn’t been reviewed in six months or longer, spring is a great time to take another look. You can download Experian’s free Data Breach Response Guide to learn more about how to formulate an effective plan.

Of course, cyber security is a year-round concern, one businesses must address 24/7, 365 days a year. But in addition to constant monitoring, take this opportunity to review your cyber security measures and response plans.