Views on Consumer Reactions

to Data Breaches

Published: June 9, 2014 by Michael Bruemmer

Q&A with Experian® Data Breach Resolution Vice President, Michael Bruemmer.

The Ponemon Institute recently released a survey report—‘‘The Aftermath of a Mega
Data Breach: Consumer Sentiment’’—sponsored by Experian Data Breach Resolution.

Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report Senior Legal Editor Donald G. Aplin posed a series of questions on the findings in the Ponemon report to Michael Bruemmer, vice president of Experian Data Breach Resolution. Before joining Experian, Bruemmer worked in a series of management positions for information analytics and data security companies. He provided his insights May 21.

The Q&A

Reproduced with permission from Privacy & Security Law Report, 13 PVLR 915 (May 26, 2014).                Copyright 2014 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033) <http://www.bna.com>