Understanding your customer

The latest insights in customer preferences, needs and behaviors, and tips for turning that insight into actionable marketing decisions.

Shifting the organization towards cross-channel marketing

Posted on May 05 2016 by
Spencer Kollas and special guest Sal Tripi of Publishers Clearing House discuss the top challenges for shifting towards cross-channel marketing...


Personalized marketing: Beyond the first name

Posted on Apr 21 2016 by
Use these 4 personalized marketing strategies to create a one to one, unique customer experience and drive real business results.


PCH shifts to a customer-centric marketing model

Posted on Apr 11 2016 by
Watch the video to hear how Publishers Clearing House built a customer-centric marketing model to transform their business.


Customer loyalty is built around exceptional experiences, every time

Posted on Mar 29 2016 by
Customer loyalty is won by giving your customer an exceptional, unique experience with every single interaction.


Three cross-channel marketing plays: Identify, know, engage

Posted on Mar 22 2016 by
Cross-channel marketing in real time means that customer data, across channel and device, should affect the message and contact strategy.


Email analytics more popular, effective than ever before

Posted on Jan 28 2016 by
Our recent webinar with The Relevancy Group dove into executive marketers’ views on (and plans for) developing advanced omnichannel analytics...


Leveraging online search for superior consumer profiling and targeting

Posted on Jan 08 2016 by
Search has become one of the most powerful, and yet untapped, sources of consumer insights.


Holiday crunch time leads to gift card frenzy

Posted on Dec 18 2015 by
Online searches for “gift cards” and “gift certificates” rise each day with peak search activity traditionally occurring on Christmas Day.


10 gifts for 10 audiences: Holiday gift guide insights

Posted on Dec 08 2015 by
Gift guide insights highlight interests, preferences of key consumer segments to more effectively tailor campaigns.


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