Consumer insights

Know your customer head to toe

Posted on Oct 22 2013 by

Today, when I read the Ad Week piece on Elle magazine’s use of Emmy award-winning actress and full-figured woman Melissa McCarthy on the cover of their current issue, I wondered how many Elle magazine readers would personally identify with the cover model’s plus-size body type.

What Google’s secure search means for marketers

Posted on Oct 16 2013 by

Google’s recent change means marketers have a limited understanding of new search trends, seasonal shifts or general topics of interest, but they still need to effectively measure how users reach their site.

Luxury buyers demand a cross-channel shopping experience

Posted on Oct 09 2013 by

EMS client PM Digital takes a look at how luxury buyers demand a cross-channel shopping experience based on results from their 2013 Trend Report: Luxury Brands Online.

Country club sports: Targeting wealthy sports fans

Posted on Oct 09 2013 by

How can niche marketers of elite products, who may not have the budget (or objective) to reach all men via more mainstream sporting events, find the events with the right audience and maximize their marketing spend?

iPhone 5s 4 times more searched for than iPhone 5c

Posted on Oct 04 2013 by

Despite the long anticipation and demand for a cheaper iPhone, the iPhone 5c failed to generate the level of search activity seen for the iPhone 5s.

Financial services acquisition strategies for affluent consumers

Posted on Oct 03 2013 by

Building smarter acquisition strategies requires rich consumer insight in order to deliver the best offer and the positive experience they demand.

Is Black Friday a thing of the past?

Posted on Sep 13 2013 by

Bill Tancer talks with Fox Business News about new holiday shopping trends. Watch the video for details on Black Friday and more.

Two Back to School shopping trends to watch for this holiday season

Posted on Sep 09 2013 by

As the Back to School season ends, Tancer sees two key trends that marketers and retailers can expect to continue throughout the 2013 holiday season.

Serving up sponsorship dollars

Posted on Sep 05 2013 by

With the U.S. Open in town, we’re looking at the attitudes of tennis fans, online trends and sponsorship opportunities for marketers.

Tancer talks retail trends after Urban Outfitters’ positive earnings

Posted on Aug 20 2013 by

Bill Tancer discusses the state of retail and the rise of online shopping on Bloomberg TV.