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Erin Haselkorn

As the Analyst and Public Relations Manager for Experian Data Quality, Erin Haselkorn leverages her understanding of data quality to help organizations better understand leading data management strategies and how to create actionable insights. She is the author of numerous data quality research reports, guest blog posts and articles. During her seven years at Experian Data Quality, Erin has helped numerous clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers through data and analytics. Before Experian Data Quality, Erin worked at Granite Telecommunications. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the College of Charleston.

What role does the Chief Data Officer play?

Posted on Aug 14 2015 by
The CDO is changing the way organizations manage and utilize data. Understand why they are the leaders in data strategy.


Data is at the heart of meaningful consumer interactions

Posted on Jul 20 2015 by
Data may not be the most glamorous aspect of marketing but it is at the heart creating meaningful consumer interactions in today’s data-driven world.


Solving for the data problem: Making information work for your

Posted on Feb 03 2015 by
On average, organizations in the U.S. believe 32 percent of their data is inaccurate. The trouble is that many organizations are investing in data quality.


Everyone has loyalty campaigns, but few get the data right

Posted on Nov 19 2014 by
If information is accurate when collected, loyalty programs have a better chance at engaging consumers and actually seeing the benefit that a loyalty program can provide.


Check your list twice! Improve your email database

Posted on Nov 03 2014 by
You still have time to improve your email database before the holidays move into full swing.


Are you determining the ROI of your data quality solutions?

Posted on Oct 16 2014 by
While an increasing number of data quality solutions are being implemented, not all are calculating the return on investment.


Where’s Dana? Fix your data and make your marketing more

Posted on Oct 10 2014 by
Marketers see major opportunity for a whole new level of consumer engagement and more marketing-influenced revenue sources via personalization.


To find insight, marketers need to improve data collection and

Posted on Aug 26 2014 by
Marketers need to work across the business to improve data collection and linkage challenges to better leverage information for consumer insight.


Why data is the missing piece of your marketing puzzle

Posted on Aug 18 2014 by
While marketers are looking to focus on new possibilities around customization and the customer experience, many have problems with gathering needed intelligence from their data assets.


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