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Profile: As the Senior Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Experian QAS, Erin Haselkorn leverages her understanding of data quality to help marketers better connect with customers and prospects. She is the author of numerous data quality research reports and is a contributor to the Digital Marketer Benchmark Report produced annually by Experian Marketing Services. During her five years at Experian QAS, Erin has managed multiple thought leadership campaigns that have empowered marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers through data and analytics. Before Experian Marketing Services, Erin worked at Granite Telecommunications. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the College of Charleston. Find Erin on Google+

Posts by Erin Haselkorn

To be a marketing mastermind, you need quality data

Posted on Apr 15 2014 by

Data has become a focal point of all marketing efforts. Ninety-three percent of organizations think data is essential to their marketing success.

Better leverage your first-party data

Posted on Apr 01 2014 by

Marketers need to take steps to achieve a single customer view and better leverage available consumer insight.

Marketers are beginning to glean ROI from new analytics initiatives

Posted on Mar 04 2014 by

With the explosion of big data initiatives, marketers need to make sure they are utilizing data management best practices.

Data-driven marketing requires data quality

Posted on Feb 10 2014 by

With 93 percent of marketers finding data essential to marketing success, data quality needs to become a strategic priority.

Do you have the data needed to achieve your marketing goals?

Posted on Jan 22 2014 by

The current state of data quality is low and marketers need to improve information to achieve data-driven objectives.

How are companies sharpening their email marketing tactics?

Posted on Jan 10 2014 by

To better communicate with subscribers, marketers need better data on their customers to personalize email communications.

The evolution of the customer lifecycle

Posted on Dec 17 2013 by

To improve consumer interaction, marketers need to take actions to improve data accuracy.

Cross-channel marketing demands better data

Posted on Dec 12 2013 by

As marketers work to better coordinate communications across channels, they need accurate data and insight to make it happen.

Experian QAS evolves to Experian Data Quality

Posted on Nov 21 2013 by

Experian QAS becomes Experian Data Quality to highlight the goal of becoming a leading global data quality provider.

Why data quality matters to retailers

Posted on Nov 06 2013 by

As companies strive to better understand their clientele a lack of reliable data is hurting analysis and targeted marketing efforts. But, what does it mean for data to be reliable?