Experian Debuts New Digital Privacy suite

Published: November 9, 2021 by Michael Reiff

In a previous post, I shared details about how privacy is becoming a differentiator in organizations’ efforts to build trust, loyalty and drive new technology adoption. The key takeaway from that piece pinpointed the role “privacy by design” plays in helping organizations gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by building privacy into the product development process.

At Experian Partner Solutions, our product team looked at the market and noticed one concrete takeaway about consumers’ privacy-related behaviors and attitudes:

Many customers are unsatisfied with the current privacy offered by companies that they do business with. According to Pew Research, up to 70% of consumers say their personal identifiable information, such as their Social Security number and date of birth, is less secure than five years ago.

After analyzing this data and other sets like it, our team knew we needed to develop additional privacy solutions to help our partners deliver compelling offers to serve customers’ interests and needs. This led us to create our new Digital Privacy solutions suite.

What are our Digital Privacy solutions?

Experian’s Digital Privacy solutions expand beyond traditional identity protection products to include features that proactively protect consumers by reducing risk and preventing data loss in today’s digital world. Launching November 2021 to create more robust privacy protection, the new products will include Password Manager, Secure VPN and Safe Browser.

Here’s a look at key product highlights and why they are worth the investment to keep your consumers’ digital lives safer compared to free tools:

Password Manager

Experian’s solution offers a password generator and greater security of logins and financial data across a broader digital ecosystem compared to free browser password tools.

Secure VPN

While no-cost VPN tools offer some bandwidth and digital protection, Experian’s VPN solution delivers unlimited bandwidth connections and protection across apps — and the web. The most significant reason it’s better than free options: we don’t sell consumer data.

Safe Browser

Our solution has more comprehensive security detection across websites and, like Secure VPN, does not sell consumer data.

These exciting new products enhance the privacy offerings that Experian’s partners can deliver to their consumers to meet their evolving concerns. Beyond these products, we are considering developing additional solutions in the future to support safer shopping, data protection, and secure communications.

At Experian Partner Solutions, we’re committing to keeping our finger on the pulse of consumers’ privacy concerns to help our partners grow by delivering products that help protect their data. We are confident that our partners can stand apart from their competition by offering proactive protection and privacy of consumers’ personal information across their digital life and experiences.

Are you interested in learning more about the privacy products Experian Partner Solutions offers and how they can solve your business challenges? Contact an expert today.

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