‘Tis (always) the season for audience optimization

August 8, 2019 by Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, 4C

audience optimization

As summer fades, marketers are gearing up for another campaign cycle. It’s a process that repeats itself annually, but we can’t just copy-and-paste our plans. With each passing year, the media landscape changes drastically, as do the behaviors of the audiences we are trying to reach. As ever, marketers have to be strategic—and nimble—to reach the right customers at the right time, with messaging central to seasonal events and personal preferences. Marketers can ensure their messaging reaches the right customers with audience optimization. 

Reach target audiences this season 

It can be a hassle to create custom audience segments and bespoke creative messaging every time the seasons change, but now, more than ever, we must ensure brand campaigns are as timely, relevant and personalized as possible. In a world of multitasking and multiscreening, there’s an expectation among consumers that all communications they receive are relevant to them—especially from brands.  This is why it’s critical to understand your audiences and how to engage them through the most effective channels. 

To help marketers win the battle for consumer attention—and sales—4C developed the Scope platform. This self-serve software arms brands with powerful tools for managing audiences and optimizing campaigns across channels including TV and digital. So, whether it’s building an efficient media plan, buying targeted ads, or measuring business outcomes, audience optimization is truly in scope. 

Deliver audience-based marketing messages across the TV and video space  

Recently, 4C teamed up with Experian to expand our audience marketplace across linear TV, OTT and social media. Brands using the Scope by 4C™ platform can leverage Experian data across a variety of planning and buying use cases, including audience-based linear TV planning and programmatic scatter buying; OTT campaigns across FreeWheel, Telaria, and SpotX; and social advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Scope’s TV Planner allows marketers to combine historical cost and ad occurrence data with Experian audiences to create customized TV plans in minutes. The outputs go beyond GRPs to maximize in-target impressions for a secondary audience as well as indexing high against the primary demo. With audience-based TV planning brands can truly maximize their upfront buys and use the fantastic reach of linear television for seasonal performance marketing, not just brand awareness. 

OTT harnesses the big-screen, living-room impact of TV with the targeting precision and flexibility of digital. By using Experian segments to create OTT audiences in Scope, brands can really focus on creative strategy, using the immersive power of video to drive specific business outcomes. 

From a social perspective, we can combine the pinpoint targeting marketers have come to rely on from platforms like Facebook with advanced segmentation enabled by Experian. The output is high-performing audiences that can be reached at scale with dynamic creative to achieve unparalleled ROI. 


Focus marketing strategies on audience optimization this season  

Leveraging customized audiences across channels is the modern approach to marketing and has completely shifted the way marketers target consumers. With the relationship between 4C and Experian, there is now a better way for marketers to identify the most valuable potential customers, uncover the most appropriate messaging, and execute campaigns across the most engaging channels – during peak seasonal campaigns and every single day. 

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