Want to learn how you can save millions? Tune into our “Answer Men” podcast

Published: February 22, 2013 by Michael Bruemmer

Do you want to save millions – or in some cases – tens of millions of dollars?

In the first of our new podcast series, Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman of The Ponemon Institute, explains how.  Experian Data Breach Vice President Michael Bruemmer, one of our “Answer Men,” interviews Dr. Ponemon on the cost effectiveness of being prepared for a data breach.

Dr. Ponemon offers tips on how you can save millions or tens of millions by knowing how to respond to a data breach and by doing so quickly and accurately. The most effective cost savings would come from preventing a breach in the first place. But that’s not always possible. So the second best defense mechanism is to contain the breach before it damages your brand and reputation – both of which can cost millions and take years to restore.

This podcast will give you valuable information on:

  • The state of data breach preparedness today
  • The most prepared and unprepared industries
  • How much an organization can save by having a good readiness plan in place
  • Whether it’s worthwhile to hire outside service providers

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