Learn how to accelerate your response to a breach

Published: March 5, 2013 by ofonseca

Responding to a data breach quickly and accurately is the key to minimizing damage and steering clear of litigation and hefty fines.

In our third “Answer Men” podcast, a global privacy attorney offers tips on how to accelerate your response to a data breach. Ozzie Fonseca, Experian’s Senior Director of Data Breach Resolution, interviews Miriam Wugmeister, who chairs the global privacy and data security group at the law firm of Morrison Foerster.

Wugmeister suggests that organizations have a written incident response plan – not just a generic checklist – but a detailed plan that specifically states who will be on the response team and who has what responsibility.

For instance, the response plan should list individuals from departments such as legal, HR, marketing, compliance and IT. The plan should then go even further and say who has the authority to make decisions, sign notification letters and pay for third-party service providers. This is of vital importance, as Wugmeister has worked with organizations that have wasted valuable time – sometimes a week – deciding who was going to do what on the response team.

This new podcast also provides other valuable tips, such as:

  • Whether it’s advisable to obtain outside counsel
  • How to negotiate breach-related expenses ahead of time
  • What to do if you have a dispute with a business associate

Learn how to do the legwork upfront so if you do experience a breach, you can concentrate on collecting the facts and responding to your consumers or employees in a timely manner. Download the free podcast now!