Get up to speed on cyber insurance and breach response at the NetDiligence Forum in Philly

May 30, 2013 by Michael Bruemmer

How does cyber insurance factor into data breach response? Get the answer – and many more insights – at the NetDiligence® 2013 Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum on June 6-7 in Philadelphia. We’ll see you there!
During the forum, be sure to visit Experian® to see everything we can do for you during a breach or as part of your cyber insurance panel. Plus, enter to win an iPad mini!
Our own Ozzie Fonseca will weigh in on the must-attend panel “Dissecting a Data Breach Claim” at 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 6. The panel will discuss:

  • You submitted a cyber insurance claim. Now what?
  • Forensics, legal counsel, crisis management – who needs to be involved in data breach response?
  • How and when does a claim conclude?

When it comes to a breach, you can be ready or you can be Experian ready. The difference is speed, precision and consolidated services. Experian helps take you from disaster to recovery, in part with comprehensive identity protection for the breach population.
Experian’s identity protection empowers affected individuals. Daily monitoring helps consumers identify the signs of identity theft and professional fraud resolution helps them cut down recovery time from 30+ hours* to approximately two. To date, our highly trained, US-based Fraud Resolution Agents have handled more than 100,000 consumer fraud cases, helping individuals recover in an efficient and timely manner.
A data breach puts everything, from your reputation to your profit margin, on the line. And when everything’s on the line, you need everything Experian has to offer, including proven solutions and experience.
Come see us at NetDiligence and learn more!

* 2011 Javelin Identity Fraud Survey Report