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What should you be posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter?

Posted on Feb 17 2012 by

Learn what to post on social media outlets.

4 Quick Marketing Lessons: Some Learned The Hard Way

Posted on Feb 16 2012 by

4 easy lessons to learn about marketing your business.

Strategies To Encourage Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Posted on Feb 10 2012 by

As a small business owner, having a loyalty program can set your company apart from the competition. Below are several strategies you can initiate to foster more customer loyalty.

Starr Hall’s Tips On: How to Build a Fan-Worthy Facebook Page

Posted on Feb 07 2012 by

Starr Hall posted her blog on February 6th, 2012.  Read more here. As Facebook continues to enhance its fan page options, businesses are not only struggling to keep up with the changes, but they also are still trying to figure out how to brand and market their pages. Because of some of the changes, strategies […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Mix

Posted on Jan 31 2012 by

Learn easy tips to give your marketing mix a jolt of new energy.

Why Tracking Marketing Metrics Can Pay Off

Posted on Jan 27 2012 by

Use these tips to help generate a better response from your marketing and improve your return on investment.

Not All Marketing Lists Are Created Equal

Posted on Jan 25 2012 by

You’re ready to launch your next big direct marketing campaign.  The offer is set, the creative piece is ready, now you need to determine who to send it to.  You’ve put in a tremendous effort to create an attractive direct marketing piece with a great offer.  Effective marketing is all about getting the right message, […]

3 Ways to Build Customers’ Trust Online

Posted on Jan 25 2012 by

Learn how to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Build your trust factor in three easy steps.

Whip Your Website into Shape With These 7 Tips

Posted on Jan 19 2012 by

Have you changed your business website lately? If not, read this post to find out why you need to constantly review your company’s website and make certain it’s optimized for sales.

Finding the Right Prospects For Your Business

Posted on Jan 17 2012 by

Get a list of “look-alike” prospects that are “clones” of your best customers.