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Prescreen Solutions overview

Prescreen combines advanced technology with Experian's exclusive File OneSM consumer credit database to give you flexible, customized data in the fastest, most cost-effective way. Experian® has streamlined the credit offer list fulfillment process with a self-service approach to preapproved lists of creditworthy names. Combine predictive generic or industry-specific credit risk models, credit criteria and demographics to select only those consumers who meet your credit risk tolerance. Maximize your sales profitability and make the most of your marketing dollars by targeting creditworthy prospects with a fast, easy and comprehensive list fulfillment tool.

Target your best prospects more effectively for preapproved offers
File One represents the industry’s highest-quality source of credit information measured by content, depth, accuracy, currency and consistency. Comprising more than 30 years of data gathered from more than 10,000 direct data sources, File One maintains credit information on more the 215 million credit-active consumers. In addition, File One has more than 10 years’ average history on each consumer. Prescreen will enable you to qualify your prospect lists according to your unique credit criteria, enabling you to focus on the target audience most likely to respond. Choose from Experian's list of many credit attributes, as well as credit risk models for increased efficiency.

Increase the profitability and success of your direct-marketing campaigns
Prescreen decreases your acquisition costs by eliminating high-risk prospects and those that do not fit your custom-defined credit criteria. Review your consumer counts as you build your list to ensure the highest-quality prospects. Replacing guesswork with reliable information will result in more targeted offers and lower mailing costs.

Prescreen Solution Suite

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