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Experian's eSolutions Overview

Your gateway to Experian’s credit and marketing solutions for your industry's needs.
eSolutions provides you with real-time access to Experian products and solutions via the Web. eSolutions provides Experian clients an easy to access, secure environment, available 24/7 with no set-up costs or special software or hardware installation required. All the accurate, critical data you need to make timely decisions and fast approvals are just a click away.

eSolutions helps thousands of companies to make real-time credit decisions for their existing clients and prospects. Our user-interface is friendly, fast and easy to use. Our customer and technical support teams are extremely proficient and ready to answer your questions should you call. Our client education page alerts our members of upcoming live events of product and solution training. Each training session is recorded for your reference at any time during your daily interactions with eSolutions.

Save time and money
Available exclusively through Experian, eSolutions is the industry’s most powerful, comprehensive credit analysis resource. eSolutions helps you cost-effectively maximize your company’s revenues while minimizing fraud and financial risks.

In our fast-paced business world, real-time access to accurate data is crucial factor in bottom-line profitability. Moving too quickly with unreliable information or moving too slowly awaiting research reports can cost you business. eSolutions gives you instant access to all the critical consumer data you need to make informed decisions.


Convenient and user-friendly
  • Instant, secured access to Experian’s products and solutions from your desktop with Internet access
  • User-friendly, keyword-free, drop-down screen to streamline data submission
  • No need for special hardware, software.
eSolutions provides you with real-time, 24/7 access to core Experian products, including:
Credit Solutions
  • Address SearchSM
  • Address Update
  • BullseyeSM
  • Collection Report
  • Connect Check
  • Credit Profile Report
  • Cross ViewSM
  • Employment InsightSM
  • Healthcare Credit Profile Report
  • Instant Update
  • Social Search
Prescreen Solutions
  • iScreenSM
  • Instant Prescreen
Custom Solutions
  • Custom Instant Credit
  • Custom Instant Prescreen
  • Custom Prequalification
  • Custom Collections Report
  • Custom Credit Prescreen
  • Custom Credit Models and Attributes
Business Solutions
Fraud and Identity Solutions
  • Precise IDSM
  • National Fraud DatabaseSM
  • Knowledge IQSM
Collection Solutions
  • Collection AdvantageSM
  • MetroNet® / Electronic Directory Assistance
User friendly interface featuring drop-down menus, simple input fields and product information
Delegated administration of users via Experian's Access Control System
Secure socket layer with 128-bit encryption
No special hardware or software required; all you need is an Internet-ready PC with a standard 128-bit encryption browser
Multiple-user access to the File OneSM credit database
No additional cost to the Experian user
Highly secure application
Ability to manage your own users including powerful reporting capabilities
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Lower customer training time and associated costs

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