Experian AccessSM


Experian Access meets the consumer credit information needs of various industries including: banking, collections, credit unions, government, automotive, retail, utilities, telecommunications, cable and property management.

NEW Data and Products available via Experian Access

PreciseID service combines state-of-the-art identity proofing, risk-based authentication and out-of-wallet question tools on a single platform that uses industry-leading data sources to provide an accurate picture of each applicant and identity.

KnowledgeIQ powered by PreciseID is a revolutionary risk-based tool for identity authentication and fraud prevention. Precise IDSM scoring models and Knowledge IQSM interactive questions provide innovative and integrated authentication and fraud detection on a single platform.

The VantageScore 3.0 model is used as a risk score, which is a key component that lenders use to determine your creditworthiness.

Products available via Experian Access

Account Review (NEW!)

  • Portfolio Manager - Score UpdateSM allow clients to score their existing portfolio to gain greater insight into how their accounts are paying other credit grantors. Portfolio Manager - Score UpdateSM gives our clients the information they need to renew existing accounts, increase credit limits, identify high risk accounts, prioritize collections and capture more business with special offers. Clients can upload their file in 3 easy steps, and get results within less than 24 hours.

Collection and Locating Services

  • Address SearchSM - Quick access to other known addresses for debtors, plus additional names, addresses and phone numbers of contact to facilitate location.
  • Address Update - Provides you with current addresses from Experian's nationwide, continually updated database.
  • Collection AdvantageSM - Prioritize and segment past-due accounts with this virtual tool box of critical debt collection information, which includes credit-based scoring, consumer contact data, credit attributes and more - all in one seamless solution.
  • Collection Report - Collection Report provides the credit and consumer contact information collectors need to maximize recovery dollars. Designed with input from collections professionals, the information is organized to display only the most current and pertinent information.
  • MetroNet® - MetroNet is one of the nation's most up-to-date and accurate consumer and commercial skip-tracing tools. MetroNet has the capability to locate individuals and businesses, find both listed and unlisted phone numbers, verify change of address, update address and phone numbers information, and standardize address and zip codes.

Consumer Credit

  • Connect Check - Connect Check/Plus is a custom verification process designed exclusively to assist telecommunications, energy and cable companies detect fraud and minimize risk exposure at the time of a service request.
  • Credit Profile - The Credit Profile report is a composite history of a consumer's credit and identification information. It provides accurate, current and complete information to acquire new business, manage customers and maximize collections.
  • Employment InsightSM - Employment Insight, a modified version of the Experian Credit Profile report, contains consumer identification, employment history, and credit information used to substantiate information during the hiring or promotion process.
  • Social Search - Social Search is a service specifically designed to help clients locate hard-to-find individuals.

Consumer Credit Services

  • Bullseye - Experian's Bullseye service is a fast, efficient method of viewing changes to previously reported credit information.
  • Instant Update - Instant Update allows clients to report charge-offs, foreclosures, skips, and collection accounts, etc., to Experian instantly.
  • Subscriber Decode - Subscriber Decode provides the name, address, and telephone number for each requested subscriber number only.

Industry Services

  • Automotive Credit ProfileSM - Experian's Automotive Credit Profile combines exclusive automotive oriented features into a single credit profile report geared to meet the unique needs of the automotive industry
  • Healthcare Credit ProfileSM - Experian's Healthcare Credit Profile is customized for the healthcare industry. It provides an immediate and accurate view of a patient's credit history.

Prospect Marketing

  • Instant Prescreen - Instant Prescreen is an online, real time prescreen program that allows clients to automatically pre-approve the consumer for credit products at the point-of-contact (POC). Instant Prescreen can be used to pre-approve prospects for a wide range of credit products.
  • Prequalification - Prequalification is a consumer consent-based business model designed for clients who want to offer consumers insight as to what credit options they qualify for, before they fill out an application.
  • iScreenSM - iScreen is a fast, affordable, self-service prescreen tool that allows users to prescreen using a selection of over 130 attributes, demographic information, and numerous risk, propensity and income scores. Clients can perform an Extract or upload their own list, and are able to directly access data and secure accurate prospect counts within seconds.

Trojan horse viruses can infect your PC and steal sensitive information such as user credentials for online access to financial websites. These viruses infect computers when users visit websites that host a malicious code. Once on a user's computer, the virus sits unnoticed until the user logs on to financial websites which are being monitored by the malicious software. It then captures log-in and password information and sends it to a server run by the attackers. It is therefore very important that end users consistently maintain updated virus and anti-spy ware software and download all security patches for their operating system on a regular basis.