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Credit Solutions overview

Our Credit Solutions Suite houses Experian's core credit products from the consumer Credit Profile report to the Social Search report. Please review our Credit Solutions Suite product list in the right-hand menu.

Experian's credit products offer you the most current and accurate consumer credit data, enabling you to make smarter, more informed credit decisions on existing or potential customers. We include ancillary products, such as Demographics for individuals who may not have a credit history or Fraud ShieldSM to warn you of potential fraud and complement your credit report information. Review our 18 risk models to return a score with the Credit Profile or leverage credit services such as Instant Update, which allows you to instantly report seriously derogatory information on a consumer. Our credit solutions are robustly built so that Experian can provide you with a one-stop shop for all of your consumer credit needs.

Credit Solution Suite
Credit Profile ReportSM »
Automotive Credit ProfileSM »
Healthcare Credit ProfileSM »
Social Search »
Address SearchSM »
Address Update »
BullseyeSM »
Collection Report »
Connect Check »
Cross ViewSM »
Employment InsightSM »
Income ViewSM »

Ancillary products
Demographics Band »
Direct CheckSM »
Fraud ShieldSM »
Profile Summary »
Auto Profile SummarySM »
Emerging Credit ScoreSM »

Instant Update »
Subscriber Decode »
STAR test system »