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Profile: Ozzie Fonseca is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) who serves as Director of Experian’s Data Breach Resolution Group. Ozzie has been involved in the identity protection arena for nearly a decade, and in his current role has managed thousands of data breach response plans for clients of every size, and for events involving from hundreds to millions of victims.During his tenure, Ozzie has worked with countless privacy and compliance professionals in virtually every industry, and consistently brings to the table his extensive practical experience in handling large scale breach notifications, setting up incident response call centers and in providing best-in-class identity protection and fraud resolution services.Before his involvement in the privacy arena, Ozzie spent most of his career as an educator in the auto insurance, telecom and credit industries responsible for developing training programs across the corporate spectrum.Ozzie holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration.He can be contacted at 949.567.3851 or Ozzie.Fonseca@experian.com.

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Protecting your retail business from consumer fraud

Posted on Jan 25 2011 by

The Holiday Season is one of the busiest times of year for consumer-facing businesses.  While Holiday sales can help improve a bottom line, the increased consumer activity also brings many headaches. One of the biggest headaches is falling victim to fraud schemes from wily consumers hoping to take advantage of business who do not have […]


Identity theft protection insights

Posted on Jan 04 2011 by

Consumers who are part of a data breach may be more likely to experience identity theft. Learn about sources and consequences of identity theft and the benefits of ProtectMyID.


Mobile smishing attacks are on the rise

Posted on Dec 21 2010 by

Mobile devices are important tools to efficiently manage a business and to quickly meet the needs of a customer.  Think about the hit in productivity you’d take if you lost your smart phone or PDA.  Several weeks ago I wrote about the importance of implementing a wireless data policy to protect employee account data from […]


Protecting your business from identity theft

Posted on Dec 07 2010 by

A majority of the media attention has focused on the sharp increase of personal identity theft or on the loss of customer data by businesses.  Very little focus has been given to the damage done by fraudsters who craftily steal the identity of a business.  The difference between personal and business identity theft is quite […]


The danger of not having a breach policy in place

Posted on Dec 01 2010 by

A recent study by Trend Micro indicates data loss is a growing concern for small businesses. The 2010 Corporate End User Study found that close to 60% of business respondents feared that data loss would be the result of data-stealing malware or by intentional or unintentional data leaks outside the company network.  Even though data […]


Learn how to minimize the risk of a data breach

Posted on Nov 09 2010 by

Unfortunately, data breaches are not specific to just one type of company in a particular industry. Breaches occur in companies both large and small and in a myriad of industries. What can a business do to minimize the risks and damages of a data breach?


Create a social media policy to protect your company and employees

Posted on Nov 02 2010 by

Facebook and other social networks have generated a lot of buzz recently due to their data privacy settings and policies. Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of these settings and openly share their personally identifiable information.


Child ID theft has serious business implications

Posted on Sep 16 2010 by

Identity thieves are becoming more skilled as they focus on stealing dormant social security numbers that belong to children. Experts point out that frequently the parents and children are not aware of the fraud and potential financial damage until the minor applies for his or her first job or student loan.


Do you know the real threat to your customer data?

Posted on Sep 07 2010 by

A big fear of business leaders and privacy professionals alike is the accidental breach of customer personally identifiable information (PII) either through the loss or destruction of company property, such as a laptop, by an employee. However, the 2010 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report points to a different data privacy threat that is farther reaching than that of a laptop left on a plane.


Does your company have a wireless device data policy in place?

Posted on Sep 07 2010 by

As more business users work remotely and travel the use of wireless devices has become a necessity in the workplace to access data. However, using wireless devices presents new challenges to keep transmitted and stored data secure.