For us, It's about helping you identify potential problems before you buy

AutoCheck® vehicle history reports protect your business by helping you identify potential damage before you make a purchase. Our vehicle history data helps you to better understand, compare and select vehicles to best meet your business needs.

Make more profitable decisions with rich data insights: 

  • Exclusive reporting from the two largest U.S. auction houses
  • Nationwide title and registration data
  • More than 100 million accidents reported each year
  • Private sources of salvage, export, fleet and repair info

AutoCheck vehicle history data exceeds the other providers to help you understand, select and compare vehicles to best meet your business needs.

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Hidden accidents in your inventory?

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More than 4 out of 10 cars on the road have been in an accident*.  AutoCheck helps you identify hidden damage and accidents to avoid a costly mistake.  Request a free analysis of your lot!

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The AutoCheck Score helps you to easily compare similiar vehicle models to make a sound decision when selecting a car for purchase.

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*Experian's assessment of the percentage of U.S. vehicles in operation in Q2 2016 with accident events. Since less than 100% of events are captured, a vehicle inspection is also recommended.