Get them seen with AutoCheck® for a boost in your listings

Why the change?

ebay wants to provide a rich experience for car buyers and is encouraging all sellers to include a full AutoCheck® vehicle history report with each listing. Sellers that provide a vehicle history report tab will receive a higher than average boost in their listings as a reward for providing detailed history reports that help the buyer feel confident about their vehicle purchase and and shopping on eBay.

AutoCheck is an eBay preferred provider of vehicle history with it's exclusive frame damage and auction announcement events, providing confidence in the vehicles that you list. See how AutoCheck can move your vehicles listings up to be seen by more people to help you move more cars from your dealerships.

AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports

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*For illustrative purposes only. This particular example was captured during the week of January 25, 2013 to visualize the effects on listings with and without the
vehicle history report factor in the Best Match Search Standing algorithm.