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Bizsource and TrueSearch
Experian's new commercial credit database and search engine

BizSourceSM, Experian’s revolutionary new commercial credit database, better integrates business intelligence, quality data assets and Experian’s 30-year database management expertise to give users more thorough, accurate business credit information from a single source.

Unlike consumer credit reports, business intelligence seems to be fragmented and difficult to track as companies change names, ownership, addresses and affiliations with larger entities. BizSource houses and updates comprehensive business information to help users make better-informed credit decisions.


Combined with a powerful new search engine, TrueSearchSM, BizSource brings users:

  • More comprehensive credit profiles
  • A persistent Business Identification Number (BIN) to track a business over time
  • Increased matches on inquiries
  • Improved file depth and accuracy
  • More data on more inquiries
  • Match quality that continually improves over time
  • Improved ability to blend commercial and consumer data for small businesses
  • Business View linkage – a comprehensive credit profile for businesses with multiple locations

To find out more about how BizSource and TrueSearch can help you reduce credit risk and increase profits, contact your Experian representative or call 1 800 520 1221.

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