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  Effective April 17, 2009
  Effective April 17, 2009, Experian will unfortunately discontinue its Canadian consumer credit bureau operations as a result of the very difficult economic environment in Canada and around the world, which Experian believes will persist for some time. This means that as of April 18, 2009, Experian will no longer be providing credit reports out of its Canadian database regarding any consumer in Canada.

We will continue to respond to ongoing consumer requests for copies of credit reports, as well as handle disputed items and other consumer assistance until April 17. After that date and upon completion of any disputes in process, all consumer information will be deleted from our database and will no longer be available to consumers or creditors.

If you have not previously obtained your credit report from us or initiated a dispute on your Experian credit report, you may wish to contact one of the other credit bureaus for assistance.

Experian Canada

Experian is the global leader in its sector helping organizations to find and keep customers. We are committed to continued investment in people, data and technology to provide a wide array of Experian services to our clients in Canada.

Information for Consumers

Experian Canada offers personal credit information to Canadian consumers. Use the following forms to request your report, dispute information or request a fraud alert.

Experian offerings
How to order your personal credit report
How to dispute information
How to request a fraud alert

Order Your Report
To request a copy of your personal credit report, send the below form and all of the required information to:
Experian Canada, Inc.
150 King Street West
Suite 805
P.O. Box 68
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Credit report order form  

Dispute Information
To dispute information on your personal credit report, fill out and submit the below form along with any required proof documentation supporting your claims. An investigation will be performed regarding your dispute(s) and you will be notified of the results.
Dispute Information Form  

Request a Fraud Alert
To request a fraud alert, fill out and submit the below form to Experian Canada’s Fraud Victim’s Assistance Department. We will add a statement that will remain on your credit report for a period of six years to alert credit grantors that you may be a victim of identity theft or fraud. Please Note: This may mean that the next time you apply for credit, you may be questioned more thoroughly. The credit grantor will want to make sure that you are, in fact, the person that you say you are.
Request Fraud Alert Form  

For questions regarding your personal credit report, please call 1 888 826 1718.

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Experian solutions for businesses

Experian credit solutions in Canada
Credit Information Services
Credit Scoring
Fraud Solutions

Experian marketing solutions in Canada
Strategy Management
Performance Maximisation – Strategy Optimization
Data Quality Services
Direct Marketing Services
Digital Services

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Credit Information Services

Over the past four decades, Experian has developed core competencies in acquiring, processing, managing and operating very large and complex databases that underpin its global information solutions. Experian uses its proprietary technology to assemble, organize, maintain and update vast amounts of detailed data. It then applies proprietary search and match systems and application software to deliver a wide variety of credit reports and services that address the information needs of financial services companies and lenders across multiple sectors.

Credit reporting agencies exist to make it quicker and easier for individuals to obtain finance and to help lenders make responsible lending decisions. Experian provides this service in thirteen countries, which includes Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Credit Scoring

For nearly three decades, Experian has developed and refined a global expertise in statistical analysis and scorecard development to enable clients to make consistent, high-quality and efficient decisions about credit risk, customer marketing and account management.

Experian analytics and scores are used throughout every phase of the customer life cycle from new account acquisition, to cross-sell and account management, through to collections and recovery.

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Fraud Solutions

Experian offers a range of fraud prevention tools which are used by hundreds of the world’s leading financial institutions. By sharing valuable and timely information about known fraudulent applications and transactions with other business sectors nationwide, greater fraud prevention success can be achieved.

Experian’s fraud solutions which can be offered in Canada include:

Fraud Shield provides a first line of defense, providing critical information in the detection of even the most sophisticated forms of fraud. Fraud Shield utilizes predictive cross-checking within Experian’s consumer credit database. Via a series of checks, searches, and counters, Fraud Shield returns a set of indicators which provide specific high risk characteristic descriptions.

Hunter identifies fraudulent new accounts or claim applications throughout the financial services, telecommunications, retail and insurance sectors.

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Strategy Management

Strategy Management solutions help companies to make more intelligent, faster decisions throughout the customer life cycle, about whether to accept a new (and unknown) customer, extend the credit arrangements for an existing customer or target them with new products.

Strategy Management is used at every point of the relationship with a customer, from first targeting and accepting the customer into the organisation, to monitoring their performance and determining when would be the best time to offer new or additional products. In the event that an account falls into arrears, Strategy Management can define what processes to adopt with regard to managing the account through to collections and recovery, including suggesting appropriate follow-up actions at every stage of the process.

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Performance Maximisation – Strategy Optimization

Strategy Optimization helps companies make the best decision about each account in a portfolio to yield the highest profit and return on investment.

Extending the benefits of Strategy Management solutions, Strategy Optimization maximises profit and return on investment by identifying the most profitable decision for each and every customer interaction. These decisions are made while satisfying business goals and operational constraints and addressing the customer’s needs and preferences.

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Data Quality Services – QAS

Research in 2005 showed that 73% of organisations worldwide believe that inaccurate data costs them money and 75% admitted that potential revenue is lost through missed business opportunities from not being able to use poor quality data to find or profile customers and prospects.

QAS, a leading supplier of address management solutions and an Experian company, is a market leader in data integrity, supporting more than 9,600 customers globally. With it’s QuickAddress Pro software, QAS offers the most comprehensive range of data quality services in the marketplace bringing to market sophisticated data integrity solutions which enhance the quality of clients’ data.

QuickAddress Pro helps organisations capture accurate address data and conserve data integrity over time. This helps to enhance the experience of the customer dealing with that organisation and reduces the costs associated with poor data, increasing its ability to grow revenue through improved targeting and aiding compliance with data regulations.

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Direct Marketing Services

Experian enables clients to communicate effectively with their customers through multiple channels. Experian helps clients target consumers and businesses for customer acquisition, development and retention campaigns, managing and executing those campaigns and finally, measuring and refining marketing strategies.

Experian is one of the world’s largest information providers and arms clients with the ability to identify customers (list), understand customers better (list enhancement) and predict response and purchase behaviour (analytics). Experian’s breadth, depth and quality provide it with a clear competitive advantage.

In Canada Experian operates in partnership with Interact Direct to provide list marketing services focused on Direct mail.

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Digital Services – CheetahMail

CheetahMail, an Experian company, provides clients with the ability to manage, analyse and automate web and email marketing campaigns to build data-driven, relevant relationships with their customers. In addition, CheetahMail offers a broad range of client services including best practice consulting, creative design, programme management, strategic analytics and technical consulting.

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