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General Terms and Conditions

Experian Terms and Conditions

When you use our online services to upload documents, you are certifying that you understand and agree to the following conditions:

You agree you will not upload any information that violates any laws or third party rights (including but not limited to a third party’s intellectual property or privacy right), or contains objectionable material.

You agree that our response to you will be delivered via email at the address you provided, including your dispute results.

If Experian believes or has reason to believe the information you uploaded is subject to the foregoing restrictions, Experian will not use such information.

Security Freeze requests should not be submitted using this platform. To request a security freeze online, visit Experian.com/freeze.This link opens a new browser window

Be advised that written information or documents you provide with respect to your disputes may be shared with any and all creditors with which you are disputing.

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