Experian recognizes brands that create exceptional customer experiences during inaugural #SuiteLife Awards

Posted on Aug 06 2015 by

Some of the world’s most progressive brands were honored at this year’s #SuiteLife Awards ceremony.

Facebook acquires photo-sharing network Instagram

Posted on Apr 10 2012 by

Yesterday, Facebook announced the acquisition of Instagram, a popular photo sharing network with over 30 million users, for $1 billion. Visits to the Instagram website have steadily increased over the past 24 weeks and reached 3.8 million last…

A Costly Swipe: Examining ‘Point of Sale’ Acquisitions from a Compliance Perspective

Posted on Apr 03 2012 by

By Alex Krylov and Strategic Services Last month while attending MAAWG: San Francisco I visited the city’s historic Grant Avenue shopping artery.  While making a purchase from one of the Avenue’s clothing retailers using my credit card, I was offered to have my receipt emailed to me.

Best Practices For Point of Sale Email Collection

Posted on Mar 26 2012 by

As clients, mainly retail, try to grow and expand their email lists, many have turned to Point of Sale (a.k.a. POS) email collection. POS collection has become an industry norm with the ability to bring tremendous growth. One Experian CheetahMail client, for instance, gained 220,990 customers from POS in 2011, 35% of which are active within the email program (open, click, and/or transact).

Four steps multi-channel marketers can use to run an addressable advertising campaign

Posted on Mar 07 2012 by

Now, with the advent of data-driven online display advertising, multi-channel marketers can convey the same tailored offline message through any digital channel, whether online, television, mobile, tablet or social. This discipline is often referred to as “addressable advertising.”

Three categories of Facebook data to enhance customer insight and user experience

Posted on Mar 01 2012 by

The key to accessing this customer data on Facebook is the request for permission opt-in authorization process of Facebook Connect. This Facebook Connect button can be placed on a Facebook Fan Page, in an application or on a Website, and establishes permission to access some or all of the data that is associated with a Facebook user’s account.

Four tactics for smarter email segmentation

Posted on Feb 22 2012 by

The 2012 Digital Marketer is almost here. There’s so much good information that we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Here’s a preview of four major ways to approach making the most of the data you have to communicate with customers based on their unique wants and needs…

Super PACs: Colbert Drives Interest in Political Process

Posted on Feb 16 2012 by

“The positive impact of “The Colbert Bump” has been bestowed upon the political process this election cycle. In launching “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” (May/June 2011), the 501(c)(4) organization “The Colbert Super PAC S.H.H.”(September 2011) and his exploratory committee to become “The President of the United States of South Carolina” (January 2012), Stephen Colbert has created an outstanding growth in online interest in PACs. Search traffic for variations of “Super PAC” directly correlates with major milestones in Mr. Colbert’s efforts.

The top ten most searched for political terms

Posted on Feb 15 2012 by

The top search terms driving traffic to the Lifestyle – Politics category within Experian Hitwise for the four weeks ending February 11, 2012. We captured 21,409 unique search terms.

“The Forgotten Man” Drives Online Art Frenzy

Posted on Feb 14 2012 by

Art doesn’t often create a stir online, but artist Jon McNaughton’s controversial piece “The Forgotten Man” has done just that. The Rachel Maddow Show used the painting, which depicts President Obama standing on the United States’ Constitution, for a caption contest on the program’s blog. This contest reignited interest in “The Forgotten Man” specifically and McNaughton’s work in general, and caused a spike in visits to McNaughton’s site.