Breach Prevention

FTC report on consumer privacy

Posted on Jan 11 2011 by

Our guest blogger this week is the team at Proskauer Rose LLP. Hear more from the head of the Privacy & Data Security Group and a member of the Technology, Media & Communications Group at Proskauer Rose LLP, Kristen Mathews, during our next webinar, How Policy Will Shape Data Privacy in 2011, coming up on […]


Mobile smishing attacks are on the rise

Posted on Dec 21 2010 by

Mobile devices are important tools to efficiently manage a business and to quickly meet the needs of a customer.  Think about the hit in productivity you’d take if you lost your smart phone or PDA.  Several weeks ago I wrote about the importance of implementing a wireless data policy to protect employee account data from […]


What a healthcare business can do to prevent medical fraud

Posted on Dec 15 2010 by

Medical fraud is occurring at an alarming rate and is expected to cost the US healthcare system $100 billion a year.  Medical fraudsters vary in their sophistication and range from organized crime organizations to individuals preying on senior citizens.  For example, one crime syndicate stole the identities of doctors and thousands of patients to make […]


Protecting your business from identity theft

Posted on Dec 07 2010 by

A majority of the media attention has focused on the sharp increase of personal identity theft or on the loss of customer data by businesses.  Very little focus has been given to the damage done by fraudsters who craftily steal the identity of a business.  The difference between personal and business identity theft is quite […]


The danger of not having a breach policy in place

Posted on Dec 01 2010 by

A recent study by Trend Micro indicates data loss is a growing concern for small businesses. The 2010 Corporate End User Study found that close to 60% of business respondents feared that data loss would be the result of data-stealing malware or by intentional or unintentional data leaks outside the company network.  Even though data […]


Ensuring compliance with new healthcare legislation

Posted on Nov 23 2010 by

Legislation has been introduced in Congress to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud. This legislation comes at a time when incidents of medical fraud are on the rise and the Obama Administration is poised to role out sweeping healthcare reform.  Medical fraud is estimated to cost the U.S. health care system $100 billion a […]


Phishing attacks threaten your business

Posted on Nov 16 2010 by

Phishing attacks are on the rise. According to a Panda Security investigation, scammers are creating 57,000 fake websites a week to falsely represent 375 popular brand names.


Learn how to minimize the risk of a data breach

Posted on Nov 09 2010 by

Unfortunately, data breaches are not specific to just one type of company in a particular industry. Breaches occur in companies both large and small and in a myriad of industries. What can a business do to minimize the risks and damages of a data breach?


Create a social media policy to protect your company and employees

Posted on Nov 02 2010 by

Facebook and other social networks have generated a lot of buzz recently due to their data privacy settings and policies. Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of these settings and openly share their personally identifiable information.


Help your customers protect their PHI

Posted on Sep 21 2010 by

Recently I addressed the importance of having plans in place to protect personal health information in light of the sharp increase in healthcare data breaches. Unfortunately, research studies are finding that incidents of fraud resulting from exposed healthcare data are on the rise.