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Online access begins with becoming an Experian member
Thousands of companies around the world have become Experian members. From acquiring profitable customers to maximizing relationships, by becoming a member your company will have access to our wealth of credit and marketing related products enabling you to maximize each step of the consumer lifecycle. Membership privileges include access to the information you need right at your fingertips through our suite of online products.

Experian operates under the premise of absolute integrity and maintains the strictest standards to protect our consumer and business data. As a result, Experian members are industry leaders who are required to comply with state and federal law, and Experian Fair Information Practices.

For membership to:

  • Business to consumer credit products go to client registration and apply online
  • Business to business credit and marketing products call 800 520 1221
  • Checkpoint (authentication marketing tool) and Metronet (locator tool) call 888 243 6951
  • Products available by credit card with instant online enrollment