All of Alchemy’s features are designed with two things in mind: improving performance and saving time. Advertising on Facebook is a very different game to traditional Search and Display and as such, we offer our customers functionality to solve problems which are specific to social advertising. This focus means that a significant number of our features are unique to the Alchemy platform.

Alchemy Social is a Strategic Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD), and we work with all major social networks.

As part of Experian, we are able to uniquely complement our products and services with Experian’s market leading customer segmentation and classification systems, leading to better targeting and better results for our clients.

Quickly Create Campaigns

Achieve the best campaign performance at the lowest cost. Alchemy Social is specifically designed to let you launch and manage hundreds of campaigns quickly.

  • Generate 1000's of ads in minutes combining various locations, targeting and creative
  • Clone and repost your campaigns with one-click
  • Deliver contextually relevant ads based on your target

Maximize Results

Easily optimize your campaigns at various points of the campaign cycle.

  • Control your ad spend at segment-level by location or target group
  • Create rules to auto-optimize your campaigns for near-real-time cost-per acquisition(CPA) optimization
  • Track multiple conversion points

Manage Campaigns in Real-time

Analyze conversion data and integrate with other analytical tools

  • Create custom reporting with easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder
  • View real-time reporting to understand CPA and conversion rates at the ad level
  • Integrate campaign results with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite

Take advantage of our free 2 week trial to see Alchemy’s power for yourself. We will provide in depth training, first class technical support and ongoing campaign management and optimization advice to ensure you get the most out of your Facebook campaigns.

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