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Industrious Country Living

You know that it takes more than general consumer mailing lists to get in touch with your next top customers. In the consumer products industry, you have to create curiosity, encourage trial and strengthen faith in your brand. Experian® can help. With Mosaic® lifestyle consumer mailing lists, you will get your message to prospects with distinct lifestyles, interests and qualities. Below, we will explain the qualities of most of the households in one particular consumer group.


High school-educated, upper-middle-class, hard-working couples and families found in industrial remote towns and villages across the country.

1.3 percent of U.S. households

  • Work in manufacturing, construction, retail and wholesale trades and home businesses
  • Are predominantly white, own relatively new homes and are self-reliant
  • Earn respectable incomes, with one in three households earning more than $75,000 per year
  • Nearly two-thirds of Industrious Country Living households have multiple workers in the family
  • Enjoy rustic, outdoor and community-centered lifestyles
  • Like to fly-fish in the summer and ride snowmobiles in the winter
  • Are longtime residents who are active in their remote communities
  • Belong to fraternal orders, church boards and veterans clubs
  • Prefer to shop at local stores than national chains
  • Are willing to travel to go to their favorite stores, such as Big Lots, Meijer and Menards
  • Have a passion for collectibles (coins, commemorative plates, porcelain figurines and toy cars)
  • Financially conservative, they invest in CDs and bonds and carry life and health insurance
  • Prefer to buy American when they can, which is prevalent in their car choices (many are used)
  • Households are likely to have three or more American-branded cars, pickups, SUVs and vans
  • Claim that they're good at fixing mechanical things
  • Are traditionalists with old-fashioned media tastes - T.V. is a main source of entertainment
  • Read the daily newspaper as well as hunting, outdoor and homemaking magazines
  • Listen to golden oldies and religious stations on the radio
  • Like to watch crime dramas and family-oriented comedies on network television
  • Watch Disney, Country Music Television, Outdoor Channel and Speed Channel on cable TV
  • Have little interest in newer media like the Internet - few households have Internet access
  • Are discovering online shopping and auction sites such as eBay, enabling them to buy and sell