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Ethnic Urban Mix

Mosaic® is a geodemographic classification system that paints a detailed picture of America's neighborhoods based on demographics, lifestyle interests and media behavior. With 60 Lifestyle Clusters in 12 Lifestyle Groups, you can select the consumer mailing list that will most accurately target your prospective customers. One consumer mailing list available through Experian is the Ethnic Urban Mix. The following characteristics describe the majority of people in this cluster.


An ethnic mix of young and diverse city dwellers who are middle-aged singles, and families living in older inner-city neighborhoods.

1.89 percent of U.S. households

  • Have a wide range of educational levels, with even numbers of college and high school grads
  • More than half of the households consist of African-American, Hispanic and Asian residents
  • Live in cramped apartments more than a half-century old, commute via public transportation
  • Never venture far from their crowded, downtown neighborhoods
  • Earn middle-class incomes in service/blue-collar jobs (retail, transportation, food, health care)
  • Are not rich but have enough disposable income to fashion active lifestyles
  • Engage in a variety of athletic activities, including jogging, baseball, soccer and skiing
  • Inclined to frequent nightclubs, concerts, movies, museums and dance performances
  • Buy the latest fashions and newest mobile electronics
  • Make a strong market for laptop computers, PDAs, mini-disc players and digital cameras
  • Patronize restaurants that serve health food, vegetarian cuisine, gourmet meals or fast food
  • Support these purchases with heavy use of credit cards, debit cards and ATMs
  • Go online to listen to the radio, visit magazine Web sites, download music or instant-message
  • Read newspapers and occasionally fashion, sports or video gaming magazines
  • Tune radios to Spanish music, adult contemporary stations or contemporary hit radio
  • Are often too busy to sit still for traditional media
  • Exhibit relatively low rates for watching most cable television channels
  • Catch late-night network television shows that offer sitcoms, science fiction and animation