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Enterprising Couples

With Mosaic®, you'll be able to describe your customers, become familiar with their actions, probe the demographic uniqueness of communities, recognize possible markets for your products and services, be aware of the performance of various localities and target means of communication more effectively. Order these mailing lists when marketing to the affluent and watch your customer list grow. Become familiar with your target market's actions before you send out your mailing. For example, we know that "Enterprising Couples" drive midsize luxury cars, are big savers, like to travel and keep fit. Here is some more information on this segment.


A collection of married couples, with or without children, living in upper-middle-class commuter neighborhoods.

0.84 percent of U.S. households

  • Are mostly baby boomers who are white, college-educated and well-paid
  • Earn household incomes more than twice the national median
  • Live in new subdivisions in the metropolitan sprawl
  • Commute a long way to white-collar jobs in health care, education and retail
  • Don't live in apartments, despite a significant number of childless households
  • Pay steep prices for detached homes built after 1990
  • Fill their driveways with midsize luxury cars - typically imports
  • Pursue an always-on-the-go lifestyle, describing themselves as workaholics and multitaskers
  • Travel, keep fit and support the arts (concerts, museums, antique shows and dance programs)
  • Try to make time each day for working out, preferably on cardio machines and stationary bikes
  • Are conservative when it comes to money matters and are savers who are financially secure
  • Maintain high balances in their IRAs, 401(k)s and 529 college savings plans
  • Use coupons and wait for sales at retailers like Target, Kohl's and Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Make a strong market for electronic devices, board games and athletic equipment
  • Have mainstream media tastes, with a fondness for news
  • Read magazines with mass-market titles like Time, Newsweek, People and Reader's Digest
  • Tune in to newscasts on broadcast networks and cable channels like CNN, ESPN and CNBC
  • Listen to news talk, classic rock and contemporary stations on their daily commutes to work
  • Go online for a variety of activities, including shopping, banking and auctions
  • Change the channel or close the window when a commercial comes on or an ad pops up