The Internet of Things

Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

Simmons® consumer segmentation systems

Supplement the National Consumer Study and National Hispanic Consumer Study with consumer segmentation tools. These resources a few of which are offered free of charge to clients provide a more granular picture and understanding of the American consumer.

We have the following segmentation systems available:

Auto-Motives Consumer Segmentation Auto-motives consumer segmentation

Discover five distinct clusters that are based on consumer attitudes and opinions on vehicles and driving.

Consumer Privacy Segmentation Consumer privacy segmentation

Better understand the sensitivity levels that your customers have when it comes to privacy.

Discretionary Spend Estimate Discretionary spend estimate segmentation

Understand how much U.S. households spend annually on discretionary goods and services. This includes items such as alcohol, education, reading, personal care, apparel, dining out, donations, household furniture, and numerous forms of entertainment.

Economic Outlook Segmentation Economic outlook segmentation

Understand how different segments of the U.S. population evaluate their personal financial situation and how marketers need to evolve their messaging strategies to make it all work in the real economy.

Food Lifestyle Segmentation Food lifestyle segmentation

Gain deep insights into Americans' diverse eating habits and attitudes about food.

GreenAware Segmentation GreenAware segmentation

Understand the distinctive mindset of consumers towards the environment .

Health and Well-Being Segmentation Health and well-being segmentation

Precisely understand the state of health of consumer targets by gaining vivid insights into consumers’ health and diet attitudes and motivations, behaviors and lifestyles.

Mobile Consumer Segmentation Mobile consumer segmentation

Gain superior insights into Americans’ world of communication, information and entertainment needs.

Movie and TV Product Placement Segmentation Movie and TV product placement segmentation

Understand the impact of TV and movie product placement on your target consumers.

PoliticalPersonas Consumer Segmentation Political personas consumer segmentation

Obtain vivid insight and analysis across the voting spectrum at both the national and local level; gain a complete understanding of key voter segments, including demographics, responsiveness to various media and attitudes and opinions on important political issues and social trends.

Retail Shopper Segmentation Retail shopper segmentation

Understand the unique shopping habits and attitudes of your target consumers.

Technology Adoption Segmentation Technology adoption segmentation

Understand the mindset of American consumers providing vivid detail of their use and adoption of technology.

Tipping Point Segmentation Tipping point segmentation

Precisely target the most influential consumers and tailor your messages for each of the different Tipping Point Segments.

VantageScore® Consumer Credit Score Segmentation VantageScore® consumer credit score segmentation

Easily segment your target consumers by understanding their credit worthiness across all three major credit reporting companies.

Waistband Segmentation Waistband segmentation

Get unparalleled insight on the differences and similarities between consumers based on their body characteristics: food preferences, self-image, health, psychographic profiles, lifestyle characteristics, and media usage preferences.

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