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Simmons® health and well-being segments

Attention to health is on the rise and many Americans are making changes to their diet and exercise routine in hopes of achieving a better balance and overall well-being. But with health information seemingly everywhere from the headlines to social networking sites to the blogosphere, understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors on health-related matters is an increasingly uphill struggle. The Simmons Health and Well-Being Segmentation helps marketers cut through the fat to precisely understand the state of health of their consumer targets by providing them with vivid insights into consumers’ health and diet attitudes and motivations, behaviors and lifestyles. The system consists of five segments:

The invincibles: Unconcerned about their health, eat what they want, almost never get sick but use OTC meds to solve all of their problems if needed.

  • Unconcerned about health 
  • Non- preventive
  • Least health active
  • Younger and busy 
  • Fast food fans

Weight reformers: Constantly struggling with healthy food choices - healthy vs. unhealthy eating, trying to find an easy and effective way to improve their health.

  • Struggle to break unhealthy food habits
  • Constantly trying to lose weight 
  • Try different diets
  • Seek and rely on health information try to exercise more 
  • Try to use preventive approaches
  • Active health manager 
  • Tend to be overweight

Trusting patients: Rely on doctors and meds, but aware of and follow healthy eating and lifestyle practices.

  • Active health manager
  • Good patients
  • Trust doctors
  • Believe in pills and medications – supplements/OTC/ Rx 
  • Healthy eaters 
  • Use preventive approaches
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Health information seekers
  • Buy fresh and natural ingredients
  • Tend to be older

Healthy holistics: Preventive approach is essential, committed to exercise, and making the right healthy choices when they shop or eat, which helps them to stay in good health.

  • Use preventive approaches 
  • Trust homeopathic remedies 
  • Active health manager 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • “Green” — buy organic/natural food 
  • Healthy eaters
  • Informed
  • Exercise regularly and frequently
  • Lke to cook
  • Influencers

Image shapers: Health and image are allied together for them. Looking good means being healthy. Convenience and healthy choices can—and do—go together for this group.

  • Health and image leaders
  • Tend to be vegetarians 
  • Brand loyal
  • Young and busy
  • Precooked and fast food regulars
  • Believe in pills and medications

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