Landlord Tenant Screening Services

Experian® is a trusted provider of landlord background check solutions. Quickly determine the risk of new rental applicants by leveraging our credit data on more than 220 million individuals.

Credit Check for Landlords:

Credit Report and VantageScore® for Landlords

Credit Report and VantageScore for Landlords screenshot

Request a landlord credit check using only your applicant's name and email address. Your prospective renters purchase their credit report and grant you secure access directly through the credit bureau.

  • Best Name, AKAs, Current/Previous Addresses and Current/Previous Employers
  • Revolving, Installment, Mortgage and Collection Account Detail and Payment Histories
  • Credit Score, Credit Rating and Score Factors (VantageScore® credit risk model)
  • Public Record Filings (Such as: Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Evictions)
  • Credit Inquiries (Last two years)
  • Shareable to trusted people — like a landlord or property manager for no additional charge

You Pay: $0 (Your Rental Applicants Pay $14.95)

Check Your Renter's Credit » No monthly minimums, No membership fee and No physical site inspection