ISSUE 12 | October 2011

Dear Valued Client,

Can you redefine your acquisition strategy to win even if the economy heads into a double-dip recession? Does your account management process allow you to get ahead of the trend and manage credit risk with unemployment high and likely to grow? Can you deepen your relationships with your consumer customers and grow profitability at the same time? Can you do it alone?

As a trusted industry leader, Experian® can deliver the unique predictive insight you need to redefine how you target your customers, manage your portfolio and maximize profitability.  

This quarter, I’ve included articles to help you to gain the full picture of a customer’s creditworthiness, giving you deeper behavioral transparency to aid in targeting or underwriting decisions. In addition, as part of our ongoing commitment to you, in the next few months, we will begin to show you how many of our products and services can redefine the way you do business.

Yesterday’s answers won’t work. It’s a new reality, and the time to act is now! Let us help you redefine your path to success.
Understanding a consumer's past behavior is crucial to developing a strategy for the future
Portfolio managers need to redefine their policies and practices to attract and retain profitable customers.…
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Increase approval rates for online prospecting
For many lenders, the low approval rate of online applicants proves to be a significant hurdle to achieving a positive return on investment.
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Experian data helps locate an abducted child
Law enforcement and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were able to use Thomson Reuters' investigative records platform, CLEAR, and Experian data, to locate a missing child.
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Collections in today's world: Five steps for success
Learn successful collections strategies and download a copy of our recent study on consumer credit behavior trends.
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Credit card delinquencies fall but mortgage delinquencies increasing
Study finds that some residents are improving bankcard payments, while others continue to make mortgage payments late.
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Quarterly automotive credit trends
New vehicle loans for subprime consumers increase by 22.4 percent. Average credit scores continue to decrease and at-risk auto loans drop by $4.1 billion.
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We're listening: Experian's best in class Client Loyalty Survey results
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It’s time to focus on growth again and expand your marketable universe!

2010 was a year of testing new acquisition in 2011, credit marketers are implementing these learnings.

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Unique insights on consumer credit trends in the bankcard industry

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for a detailed overview of consumer credit trends from the Q2 2011 Experian–Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Reports. During this event, we'll also take a detailed look at the bankcard industry to determine where new opportunities and continued risks exist.
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Legislative Updates
Are you ready for the FDIC's Large Bank Pricing Rule?
After the rule goes into effect on April 1, 2012, it is imperative that financial institutions required to comply have the necessary tools available to conduct the underwriting and risk-assessment processes.
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FFIEC Guidelines: Best practices in device and identity verification
IT security leaders wrestle on a day-to-day basis with making sure that out-of-wallet questions and device identification are accomplished while minimizing friction for the customer.
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Protect Your Business
Combat hackers in seven steps
Gain counter competitive intelligence with our insight. After an in depth analysis on how hackers identify their targets, we identified seven key ways that security and risk professionals can strengthen their infrastructure and reduce risk profiles.
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The Case for Experian
Experian's new Decision Analytics platform: early adopter results
Learn how a select group of early adopters were able to identify performance trends and respond to changing customer behavior with insight, agility, flexibility and control.
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DCCU cut consumer loan delinquencies in half
Learn how DCCU went from a 1.25% delinquency rate to 1.06% in one month, and have continued the downward trend to .63% after using Collection Advantage.
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SC Telco Federal Credit Union exceeds campaign ROI by more than 115 percent
With a single campaign, SC Telco booked 155 new loans, increased its membership by 55 individuals and lowered both new and existing members' interest rates on their current auto loans.
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