Let’s face it – expanding your reach across channels is no simple task. Often times, the result is increased reach at the expense of accuracy. With Experian’s custom modeling services, you can reach your prospects at scale through a solution tailored to your business needs.

Utilize our data, modeling, and activation capabilities to:

  • Learn more about your best customer through profiling and segmentation.
  • Then find more of them and grow their value through data mining and look-alike modeling.
  • Engage them effectively in their preferred channels through omni-channel marketing.

Our data expertise allows us to utilize your data alongside Experian ConsumerViewSM data. This includes rank ordering names within a customer list, cross-sell and upsell modeling, as well as reactivation and attrition modeling services. Prior campaigns can be used to optimize either response rate or response dollars, depending on your business needs.

Our audience models consistently beat client expectations and campaign goals because we:

  • Employ a team of seasoned statistical analytics, consultants and PhD's to deliver audience models that perform.
  • Leverage rich consumer information, including predictive financial data, to power your model.
  • Ensure that each model works from both a statistical as well as business standpoint.
  • Work closely with you to provide transparency, from project design through implementation and beyond.

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