Connect customer identities across channels and devices

We link the data that links brands to consumers

Marketers today face unprecedented challenges when it comes to customer identity management. With an explosion of channels and devices that isn't slowing down any time soon, customer interaction points multiply daily. Understanding your customer's identity and behavior across channels is crucial to developing and sharing your brand story effectively.

When you can link together the trail of data people leave behind as they interact with brands, including yours, you have the power to:

  • Coordinate and launch omni-channel campaigns.
  • Deliver a consistent, relevant customer experience from the inbox to the mailbox.
  • Optimize the timing of your campaigns and the messaging themes you utilize.
  • Roll up complex campaign performance data into simplified multi-channel attribution reporting that shows how effective your campaigns are together.

With decades of historical data, privacy expertise, and safe haven capabilities, Experian offers products and services that help companies get to a single customer view and pool their resources.



Creating a single customer identity may sound like a lofty goal, but it doesn't have to be. Experian’s OmniView™ solution takes in all of your fragmented customer data and stitches it together in real time. What do you get in return? A single, persistent ID that you can use to deliver customized offers and content, improve your site visitors’ experience, and develop campaign reports that accurately link online and offline actions.

Email Insights

Email Insights – Experian’s industry leading email cooperative – isn’t just a measuring stick for the health of your email list. Joining this program can help you improve the timing of your emails, deliver more relevant content and maintain your deliverability score by only engaging with truly active emails. With over 100 brands participating in this privacy-compliant, ESP agnostic program, participation means you can leverage powerful insights from the 17 billion monthly email actions Experian links to your subscribers.

Data Exchange Program for Onboarding

Marketers rely on onboarding solutions to activate their best audiences for addressable, digital targeting. Experian's Data Exchange Program enables everyone to work together – from advertisers to publishers to data owners to marketing platforms – to pool their resources while protecting data privacy. Contributors provide de-identified customer or visitor data and in exchange see higher, more accurate matches for their onboarding program. Participants augment what they know about users with what other program members know—all without sharing the underlying PII data with one another.


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