Mosaic® segmentation portal

Target your ideal customer audience

As a leading consumer lifestyle segmentation system from Experian Marketing Services, Mosaic gives you extraordinary detail to help you communicate with consumers and precisely target your ideal customer audience.

Our easy-to-use interface allows you to:

  • Analyze groups and types by key demographics and attributes such as age, gender, income and presence of children
  • Compare and contrast groups and types
  • Understand location/market profiles with detailed geographic heat maps for each group and type

To gain access to the Mosaic segmentation portal for an in-depth understanding of all Mosaic groups and types, please submit the form and you will be sent a username and password in 24-48 business hours. For more information about Mosaic USA, you can also contact your Experian Marketing Services sales representative or call (877) 902-4849.


Gain access now:

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